Wednesday, June 17, 2015

aaaaand here's the first entry on the Hump Day Series. 

You need something to look forward to on Wednesdays... or at least something to distract you! 

Shopping: Reese Witherspoon's new online store.  Reese is PRESH to start with. Now she has an online store with clothing, accessories and gifts. She even has a section called "Made in the South." Can we talk about these napkins. 

Currently Reading: Gretchen Rubin's Better than Before. A constant experimenter with her own life, Gretchen is on a task to look intentionally at her life and at her habits. It's been an eye opener... basically everything that you want to change, can happen. As long as you make it a habit. Have you read it?

Trip to Plan: Swimming with Pigs. In the Bahamas. Say whaaaat. Word on the street is that they were shipwrecked cargo from years ago, and just decided to grow their little oinklet colony in the Bahamas. Why the heck not. Sadly, I was informed they are on a different island than the one that we are going to in July. Way to be a dream killer, Ensley.

For All My Single Ladies: The Bachelor is looking for ladies in CHARLOTTE this week. 

Good To Know: In light of the shark attacks in North Carolina this week, here are some practical tips on how to stay safe and out of the shark's way at the beach

Looking for a last minute present for Pops? Check out these. You are SURE to be the favorite child.

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