Tuesday, July 21, 2015

celebrate every chance you get.

One of my favorite things on this earth is entertaining.

I love to feed people. I love to provide a reason for people to get together. Overall, I love to celebrate the big (and little!) things in life. 

One of my dearest friends from college / sorority (AXO ITB), Maggie, will be marrying the love of her life in September. To to kick off the season of love and marriage, I had the distinct pleasure of co-hosting a shower with some of my best friends for the lovely Maggie. 

With most of my friends happily engaged or married, I've gathered some tips along the way to make the best of celebrating your friend at a bridal shower. 

1. Make it personal. Being from the South, it's all about MONOGRAMS. And personal touches. And a theme (Champagne and rosé, please). 

2. Set up an awesome Mimosa bar. Fit for a queen, with lots of options: orange, grapefruit and cranberry juices. As well as peaches, blackberries and mint for garnish. Try champs with peaches and mint. To. Die. For. 

Don't forget those who don't care to partake in the booze as well - have water and iced tea available. And word to the wise: Buy three more bottles of champs than you anticipate (#afterparty)

3. If you feed them, they will come. Provide food according to the time of the shower. Hosting a 2pm shower? We served pimento cheese sandwiches (I mean, we are in the South), chocolate covered strawberries, caprese skewers and red velvet cupcakes (bride's fave). Hosting a shower around lunch or dinner time? Serve more substantial food. You don't want to be picking Aunt Mimi off the floor after a day full of champs and no food! 

4. Make it about the Bride (and Groom). This is a season in their lives in which to celebrate-- and show appreciation for the bride and groom! Encourage the bride to share who she wants at the shower, do's and don'ts  and any other requests. Share toasts, quick stories and embarrassing {PG} games that will liven the mood. 

5. Have a game plan. Things don't always go as scheduled - but have a tentative "Run of Show" to help organize the flow of the party. Where will purses and gifts go? Where will everyone eat / drink / sit / ooh and ahh over gifts? Who's playlist will you use / please please please double check there are no songs with profanity? Who is in charge of making sure the bride's champagne glass is always full? 

6. Take photos. Lots of them. As the host, you'll want to be able to share these moments with the bride-to-be! 

7. Enjoy the moment. One day when you and your friends are talking about the color of baby poop  fantastically interesting parenting techniques, you will look back and long for the days of celebrating your friends! Enjoy these moments - stressful and exciting and scary and joyful.... they are fleeting. Be grateful for the journey and find any (and every) reason to celebrate!

One last tip: Crank the AC prior to everyone coming... lots of hot women makes a hot house! Ain't nobody got time for back sweat in their new Lilly dress :) 

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  1. LOVE! And I am willing to attest that you are indeed the Queen of Entertaining in All Situations. :)