Monday, July 20, 2015

Get it over Mondays: Clean out your EMAIL. Now. Just do it.

It’s Monday morning. You’re coming off the high of the weekend… until you realize that the weekend is over. Your alarm is still going off, already running late and nothing but dread for the day to come. 

Well… two ways to get your day and week going on a better track. 

1. Coffee. Lots of it. 
2. Do something that you dread. 

The second one sounds counterintuitive, but studies show that motivation and concentration peaks in the morning. So why not go ahead and tackle the day head on? 

Especially if it is something you continually put off, hoping that it will get done...eventually.

For me, that’s my blackhole gmail account. 

Yes. That is my actual Gmail account. Yes. 2,130 emails in my inbox. Judge me.

So… why the heck not GET IT DONE first thing on Monday morning. Spend 20 minutes this morning unsubscribing to those terrible clothing stores that you shouldn't shop at anymore because you are no longer 21 mass emails instead of perusing Facebook for your first cup of coffee. 

My secret weapon? This service allows you to look at every single subscription that you have signed up for and either automatically unsubscribe or place certain emails tucked away in a folder for you to look at when you'd like to. 

For example, I love seeing all the fun deals Groupon sends throughout the week. You never know when there are some good happy hour specials going down (can I get an AMEN). BUT twelve emails a day is a bit excessive. Now, I have all of my Groupon emails sent directly to a separate folder so I can scroll through when I am taking a break. 

And voila! After 20 minutes this morning, I have already crossed off an item on my to-do list and ready to take on the day. Or, at least another cup of coffee.  

What is something that you've been putting off... and that you can get done first thing this morning? 

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