Monday, July 27, 2015

[the best] Case of the Mondays


I think we all can agree that Mondays just. plain. suck. 

You're coming off two days of doing things on your own terms, on your own time. Or doing nothing at all. #nojudgement

But then you are forced back to reality. Damn you, Monday! 

My thoughts on Mondays. 
Well. I've decided to take back Mondays. Or at least provide a bit of commiserating with fellow peers slugging through that dreaded first day of the week. 

Alas, the {best} Case of the Mondays series. Each week, I will feature a Monday in the life of someone who can provide some comfort / humor / inspiration to the start of your week. 

This week, it's me. Welcome to my Monday. 

5:30am: Alarm goes off. Whyyyyyyyy. 

5:32am: Fumble to find glasses and pick up phone. Refrain from checking email. Partially because I cannot see yet. 

5:45am: Finally pull myself out of bed and move like a zombie to my coffee machine. Thankfully had enough forethought to program it to be ready. Speak to no one until first cup is consumed. 

6am: I sit on my porch with my coffee and do a daily devotional. Some people meditate to get their days rolling… My faith is important to me and this time in the morning, especially on Monday, helps me get in the mind frame of not screaming at people being patient and loving. 

6:30am: I reserve this quiet time to work on one big thing that is going on for work -- even before I open my email. That way I am not distracted by the ping of my email or a last-minute call. 

7am: Turn on the Today Show. I’ve always loved the news (shoutout J-School!) - and I think it’s a good thing to be informed about what’s going on with the world. You never know who you’ll be sitting next to on the airplane and can discuss J. Lo’s revealing outfit for her 46th birthday. 

7:30am: Head out the door for a quick 3-mile run. It helps me get my blood flowing and my creative ideas moving. Most of the time I don’t run with music, but I’ll bring my phone in case I need to jot down any genius ideas / call 911 if I break my ankle. 

8:00am: Run through the shower and make a quick smoothie. I throw spinach,vanilla  vegan protein powder, chia seeds and flax seeds with some water & ice and GO. It's delish and gets me through the morning. 

8:30am: I am blessed in that I work remotely... so I travel the twelve steps to my office, and crank out a few to-dos. 

9:00 - 12pm: Work on several big events that are coming up for a client. I take about a 10 minute break every hour to give my eyes / mind a break. Working from home has a lot of perks, but a lot of distractions... More on that in another post.

12:30pm: It’s hot as all get out here in NC in the middle of July, but I try to get outside for about 30 minutes halfway through the day. I take Teddy, the chocolate lab, out for a quick walk around the neighborhood. It helps keep my his crazy level to a minimum. 

1:15pm - 3pm: Conference Calls.

4:00pm: Around 4pm each day, I think about what I have left on my list of to-do's for the day and crank out the most important ones. I also try to clean off my desk so I don't have a million cups / papers, etc. lying around for the morning. It helps me jump right into the actual work in the morning. 

5:15pm: Walk out to my garden to check on my veggies. Come back with a farmers market. (But really, anyone need squash or zucchini?!) 

5:30pm: Head to the YMCA for a cardio strength class. It's one of those sweat-until-you-drop classes. You dread it. And then you love it afterwards.  

6:30pm: Pass out Chug water and chat with some friends at the Y 

7pm: Head to my LifeGroup meeting. It’s a bible study through my church with an awesome group of girls that meetings 3 times a month. 

9:00pm: Arrive home ravenous and whip up a gourmet meal of frozen veggies and grilled chicken. 

9:30pm: Take the dog outside and try to prevent him from attacking three large deer in my backyard. Wish I was kidding. 
Attack dog. 
9:45pm: Head back to my office to send a few emails and jot down ideas I had during the day. 

10:45pm: Turn my phone on Do Not Disturb (aka unless you are in my "Favorites" list, see ya in the AM!) and read. I've really been trying to cut down on my screen time before bed - so I'm going old school with checking books out from the library. Currently reading: The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

11:15pm: Slip off to sweet, sweet slumber. Alarm set for 5am for a barre class!

So, Mondays aren't THAT bad. What's your way of getting through the first day of the week??

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  1. I love it! Impressed with how you manage your time so well. #ineedthat