Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You've MADE it to Wednesday. Halfway through the week. You deserve a cocktail gold star.  Or just a break from the monotony. 

Wednesdays at Why The Heck Not, we offer you a roundup of fun-and-interesting fodder to add to your procrastination at the office called 'Hump Day Lumps of Gold'. Hey, you deserve a break. 

If there is one thing you watch this morning: Let it be this. This family is super involved in the church I attend, and lost two children in a car crash a few weeks ago. Their strength is unreal.

These people get A+ for Creativity. Proud to say these folks are from North Carolina. SMH.

A little political fun. 21 things that look like Donald Trump. I don't care what your political affiliation is... that's funny. 

Recipes to try. 5 slow-cooker recipes UNDER 500 calories. Imma need some of that. 

Have you ever wondered? How your Facebook Feed works?

Heading to the beach? I think this is the perfect cover up. 

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