Saturday, August 8, 2015

10 Tips to Soak Up the Last Bit of Summer

Just looked at the calendar and realized that Halloween Christmas News Years Easter  Labor Day is coming quick? 

You still have time to get the MOST of out of your summer (and summer wardrobe). Here are 10 tips to Soak Up the Last Bit of Summer!

1. Wear that white. Girl, get good use out of those white jeans. Because I don’t want to see them come November. No, really. 

2. Outside Drinking! Try out patios and porches at bars and restaurants that you’ve been wanting to try. In Charlotte? My faves are here, here and here. 

3. Embrace the Sweat. In just a few months you are going to be bitching annoyed about the cold weather. ENJOY the heat. Get moving and grooving by taking an outdoor yoga class (and these are free) or go hiking!!  

4. STOCK UP on Summer Sales. Bathings suits, Lilly Dresses — everything is going on sale now to make way for Christmas Decor  the Fall lines.

5. Suns Out. Relish in the fact that it is bright when you go to work and when you come home. We know that’s not here to stay. Go for long walks, garden or just look longingly out your window while still at work. 

6. Summer Soundtrack. Sit on a porch swing and watch the fireflies and listen to the cicadas. Ah, the sound of summer in the South. (and then put on bug spray. Those ‘squitos are fierce). 

7. GRILL. OUT. Burgers. Brewskis. Broskis. Ok… you get the point. 

8. Play Ball! Go to a baseball game. Nothing more 'Merican than that. 

9. Go to the beach. Or the lake. Or the pool. Well, dang. Can’t get to any of those? Then change your desktop background to an ocean scene, prop up your feet on the desk and grab a pina colada. Or not. 

10. Wait. Who are we kidding. It’s going to be in the 90s until November. 

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