Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Have a Blissful Marriage

Ah, marriage. The glorious matrimony of two people coming together for a lifetime of love, happiness and trying not to kill each other memories. 

Thus - Today marks 31 years that my parents have been wed. Say whaaat. That's a long time. A long time to raise perfect children, move several times and figure out what the heck they are doing with their lives. 

In a world that 31 years of marriage is quite rare, I wanted to get to the root of what makes marriage work. 

So, since I, currently unwed (hint hint), am not really in a position to give marriage advice, I decided to go straight to the experts. 

Yes. He DID show up to their bridal portraits in shorts and Nikes. Bless. 
I asked my parents to each compile a list of their best marriage advice... without discussing them. 

Meet Scott. 
Let's just take a moment of silence for those pants. 

And, Amber. 
Can we talk about those bridesmaids dresses? Someone's gonna get knocked out by those shoulder poofs. 

Seems like solid points. And piece of advice: don't ask about the wallpaper incident. 30 years later, still too soon to talk about. 

Here's to 31 more years of blissful adventures, fewer fashion faux pas (see bridesmaids dresses above) and more shagging! Happy Anniversary! 

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  1. I LOVE that they both mentioned wallpaper. Duly noted. Sharing this with Patrick because it's amazing!!