Thursday, August 27, 2015

Live Life Like Your Dog.

Yesterday was National Dog Day. 

Your newsfeed was filled with everyone's photos of their pups dressed their awful costumes, on their best behavior and not peeing all over their house. 

I refrained from posting pics of the cutest pup around, Teddy (mostly because I post about 12 / day.) 

That said, in ode to all the pooches out there.... 
Why the heck not... Live like your dog. 

And no, I'm not talking about in the doghouse. But some of you men already know all about that...

1. Loves and Accepts Praise. Teddy loves loves loves people. Mostly because people = attention and the possibility of treats. One of the biggest things I've learned from having a dog is that your tone and your ability to praise the dog for the good things is HUGE (and in turn, disciplining from the bad is also important... but I'm not as good at that!) That said, the Ted loves praise. He accepts it openly - and has learned (for the most part) what will get him a treat. I think the ability to humbly accept praise is hard -- it's a fine balance between being modest and being braggy. Take a chapter from your canine's book and accept it openly!
2. But... is also selfless. Dogs want their owners to be happy. You don't hear them bitching about you coming home late or that you really, really need to throw out those ugly cargo shorts (but really, you should.) They are loving and patient, and will still love you no matter how bad your day is going. Try this with someone today. Even if they get on your ever-loving nerve.
3. He is always up for a walk. I'm looking at you, friend, sitting at you computer for hours on end to only jump up and go to Starbucks / Chipotle / Repeat. Your dog needs exercise every single day-- and so do you! Make it point to get up and MOVE. Did you know your iPhone (on the new iOS) has a built in pedometer in the HEALTH app? USE IT. 
4. Makes Everyone Feel Special. I don't know about you, but one of the best things about having a dog is the feeling you get coming home after a long day, and he is SO EXCITED to see you. No matter if it has been 5 minutes or 5 hours, there is a level of pure joy that you get from seeing him waiting and wagging that little tail. We're too often caught up in the daily drudge to make the people in our lives feel that important and special. Try it today - with just one person - to make them feel like you are SO EXCITED to see them. 
5. Fiercely Protective and Loyal. This may come in the form of barking at absolutely nothing or nearly attacking the Postal Worker (sorry Bill!), but your dog feels a sense of duty to protect it's territory. Although I don't suggest you, yourself, going and barking at those pesky kids that always walk through your yard, I do admire the overwhelming loyalty a dog brings. Be an advocate for your friends and family, or a cause that you care deeply about! 
6. Can just PLAY. Granted, dogs don't have jobs, taxes to pay or that looming deadline. But one of the things I most admire about sweet Ted is his ability to play - alone or with people and other dogs. Make sure to schedule some time during the week to get your wiggles out and play - whether that is at the golf course or painting or simply going to a dance class at the Y. Take time doing something that you love to refresh and relax!

What are ways you wish you could live more like your dog? 


  1. Love this, Erin! Best ode to the Ted man!

  2. I love this. And BABY TEDDY! Brody is totally my life inspiration. Grateful for everything, lives in the moment, and always up for fun. But really.