Monday, August 17, 2015

{best} Case of the Mondays: Courtney Chandler

We all know Mondays suck. 
Each week, I will feature a Monday in the life of someone who can provide some comfort/humor/ inspiration to the start of your week. 

This week, Meet Courtney Chandler!

I am a registered nurse at Presbyterian Medical Center. 

I work with adult cardiac patients three days a week for 12 hour shifts - I don't have a lot of consistency week-to-week but my job does offer a lot of flexibility! On the days that I work, I am up at 5:30 AM and usually not home until 8:30 PM - I rarely want to speak to anyone other than my couch on those days :). My schedule also gives me a lot of random mid-week days off where I can either be a total bum or get a lot of random chores accomplished.

This isn’t my regular Monday routine, although, regular Mondays don’t really exist for me. As a nurse, I work three days a week; so my “Monday” could actually be a Wednesday (which is the case for this week). On Sunday, since I was blessed with a few days off in a row, I headed three hours north of Charlotte to visit one of my close friends, Sarah, in Raleigh. 

8 AM
My alarm goes off. But I’ve actually been lying in bed awake with my eyes closed for the last hour. Have to take advantage of a Monday off; my “Monday” is coming all too soon.

8:15 AM
Finally climb out of bed and am greeted by Sarah and her two cuties - Eloise (age 1) and Henry (age 3) #hankandweezy.  
8:30 – 9:30 AM
Pour a cup of coffee (which Sarah probably made two hours ago) and pop it in the microwave. I venture outside to sit and relax, while helping Sarah keep a close eye on the little nuggets.
9:30 AM
Eloise goes down for her first nap of the day…that’s right, friends, nap one occurs just a mere hour and a half after I wake up. This leaves Sarah and I a little time to chat and catch up without the stress and imminent danger of two toddlers running around.

10 – 11 AM
Breakfast of champions – two eggs over HARD please and bread with lots of jam.
11:30 AM
Sarah and I finally decide to venture out of the house, whole crew in tow. We took both toddlers and a puppy to whole foods for a lunch of cookies and coffee. Meet Charlie – Sarah’s Newfoundland puppy. She’s a doll!

12:30 PM
We make it home alive and sit in the playroom. I read a few books aloud (think Runaway Bunny and Rainbow Fish) as Henry and Eloise occasionally tune in

1:30 PM
I pack up my car, say my goodbyes and head back to Charlotte, attempting to miss rush-hour traffic

4:30 - 6:30 PM
I use this time to do boring grown-up things like laundry, car inspection, and wedding present shopping. One beauty of working as a nurse (other than having this Monday off) is not having to put an ounce of energy into picking out my work clothes. However, I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY doing laundry because I rotate through 4 pairs of scrubs. I also have the occasional day when I think I might be better off just burning my scrubs because no amount of laundering is going to help…

6:30 PM
I make it to the YMCA just in time for abs class and total strength. Total strength is by no means a super hard class but let’s be real – I was still limping at work on Wednesday. 

7:45 PM
Throw together a salad (necessity after my cookie lunch) while watching an old episode of Friends on Netflix. PIVOT, PIVOT. 

8:30 PM
Shower and dry my hair, brush my teeth, and floss for the first time this month (don’t tell my hygienist – although I think she knows).

9:30 PM
Climb in my bed and fall asleep reading my current book – Life, a memoir by Keith Richards. I have no clue why I chose this book at Barnes and Noble; apparently the story of a heroine-addicted guitarist was calling my name. Regardless, it helps me drift away into sweet, sweet dreamland. 

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