Monday, August 3, 2015

{the best} Case of the Mondays: Emily White

As mentioned in my first [the best] Case of the Mondays post, we all know Mondays suck. 
Each week, I will feature a Monday in the life of someone who can provide some comfort/humor/ inspiration to the start of your week. 

This week. Meet Emily White. 

My name is Emily and I will be your comedic relief for this Why the HECK not?! The Best Case of the Mondays series. 

I am a sales representative for a Pindler Inc. We are a boutique fabric company based out of Moorpark, California. I love my job because no two days are ever the same.

Fun Fact: I’m OCD. I mean.. such a control freak when it comes to planning and organization. So, dare I say that I kind of like Mondays? Don’t judge me.

Mondays: An opportunity.
Without further ado.. this is how a typical Monday would go.

5:25 AM: The alarm starts playing music to slowly bring me out of that precious REM sleep.

5:30 AM: I finally grab the phone when John Legend starts singing “Good Mooorninngg Love..”  I resist flipping through Facebook and opt to quickly turn the light on before I go back to sleep.

5:45 AM: Gym. Gotta get in a run to wake myself up and get my blood flowing. I like to get my news updates in at the gym. If I’m biking I’ll read through The English Room blog- highly recommended for design junkies.

6:30 AM: I literally rush home to get my coffee brewing. I still haven’t spoken a word to anyone at this point. While I’m consuming my first cup of the day I make breakfast. Lately I’ve been on an egg scramble kick. I’ll throw a ton of veggies in there (spinach, zucchini, and peppers) and just top with salt and pepper! It’s the only thing I’ve found that keeps me full through my morning meetings.

6:45 AM: I sit down with my second cup of coffee and do my daily devotional. I’m currently reading through the women of the Old Testament and let me just say.. I have learned so much. This really sets the tone of my day- we need Jesus every day but I feel like we need a little extra on Monday (She Reads Truth is the best app if you’re looking for one!)
7:15 AM: Shower time. I always have a very scheduled shower routine. I try to make everything very efficient, so on Sunday nights I plan out what I’m going to wear and always check the weather for the week.

8 AM: Hair done. Make up done. Dressed. I sit at my desk, aka my dining room table, and check all my emails. There are always 2 or 3 really urgent fabric emergencies that I take care of first. Yes, there is such thing as a fabric emergency.

9 AM: Sales meeting #1. These times always vary but I’m usually always in some interior designer’s office by 9:15 every day.

10 AM: I’m in another meeting. I probably rushed to get to it because my 9 AM ran long.

11 AM: I need more coffee. I’ve been awake for 5.5 hours already. Midday I’ll usually stop at Starbucks for a pick-me-up or I’ll drop in my showroom in Southend to mooch off their Kuerig options.

12 AM: By this point I’ve already had 3 or 4 meetings and I’m hungry. Lunchtime! When I’m not traveling I eat at home as much as possible. All those Panera salads add up quickly. I love chowing down on big salads in the middle of the day- keeps me energized through my afternoon. And I typically have a snack of almonds or carrots in my bag.

1-3 PM: Meetings  

4 PM: I head home at 4 and go through the emails I’ve gotten since I was last able to respond. This is when I get all my scheduling done for the next 2 weeks. I always prepare my things for the next work day so I don’t have to think about it after 5 PM.
I like to clear off all my work stuff from the table so my apartment doesn’t feel like my office after 5 pm.

5 PM: Time to lift. I head back to the gym for weight training since I’ve already gotten my run in.

6:30 PM: Chug water and try not to die. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw some dry shampoo in my hair.

7 PM: Head to my LifeGroup meeting through church. It’s great to end a Monday with a group of awesome women.

9 PM: Some sort of super quick/healthy dinner. Maybe a turkey burger.

9:30 PM: I’m brushing my teeth already because I’m old.

9:45 PM: I lay out all my workout gear the next day!

10 PM: I’ll read through a book - probably Summer With My Sisters.

10:45 PM: Snooze time. I triple check to make sure my alarm(s) are set.

See, not so bad. I can’t wait to hear how the rest of you survive your Mondays!  


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