Monday, August 24, 2015

{the best} Case of the Mondays: Kim Kean

We all know Mondays suck. 
Each week, I will feature a Monday in the life of someone who can provide some comfort/humor/ inspiration to the start of your week. 

This week, Meet Kim Kean!

Position | Company: Vice President, Marketing at FanVision Entertainment
My job includes overseeing marketing, sales, client management and a little bit of everything in between.  The company is small, so I get my hands dirty a lot at the track.

One word to describe Mondays to you? Manic

I can’t write a Susie Sunshine tale about how great Mondays are and how you should embrace them.  I think most of us would agree the struggle is real!  Best case of the Mondays for me is that no one, including myself, is injured or crying at the end of the day.

7:30 AM           
Alarm sounds.  Immediately you are judging, rude!  I realize this is a later wake-up call than most others, but mornings are not my thing.  I also have a nasty commute that I purposely leave late for.  More on that later…

Have a quick chat with the man upstairs (mostly about the ‘no one getting injured or crying’ part) before my feet hit the floor.  Ready and out the door by 8:30AM.  Gus from down the street is outside and mad at me for letting someone else cut my grass.  He’s a talker.  I normally let him go on for a bit in his thick Greek accent, but this morning I can’t deal.  Bye, Felicia Gus. 

8:45 AM           
Reach the ‘highway to hell’ a.k.a I-77 and head north to my office in Mooresville.  What should take 35 minutes, on most days takes much longer in the mornings and afternoon rush hours.  This is why I leave later, to try and avoid the bulk of it. 

Traffic always comes to a halt around malfunction junction where 77 and 277 meet.  Coincidently, this is also where commuters decide they should wreck or break down.  After that, the road opens up a little and I hit the gas like Dale Jr. coming out of Turn 4 at Daytona.  Dead stand still starts ahead of exit 23 where the lanes go from four to two.  Whose genius idea was that?!  Slow crawl for the next 15 miles.  Every. Damn.  Day. 
I have no chill in traffic.  My vocabulary becomes extra colorful and creative.  Somehow I string together names, adjectives and phrases one might hear in a prison courtyard. 

9:30 AM           
In the office, I work on closing out the previous race weekend in the form of emails, calls and texts.  Alternate with bites of breakfast.
This Monday morning includes getting a recap on sales, talking with a race team that needs repairs completed, and writing thank-you notes.  Why does no one write notes/cards anymore?!

Two of my three lines ring simultaneously.  Good times.

Go outside to fill up the bird feeder outside my window.  Here is the first diner of the day, plus a picture of a bird I named Clyde, who started coming by for daily visits about two months ago.  He’s made friends with the Al Jefferson  bobblehead.

1:30 PM          
After lunch, jump on a call with a race track to discuss a new marketing program we’re running.  They’re all about it.  YESSS.

2:00 PM          
Hit a slump.  Change Pandora from ‘90’s Country’ to ‘Today’s Hip Hop’.  Lil Wayne starts spitting hot fire and I perk up a little.  This is my favorite jam right now.

Spend the remainder of the afternoon emailing, finalizing the upcoming race weekend plans with the office and road staff, starting holiday sales planning, and approving artwork. 

4:35 PM          
Back to the Queen City.  Traffic is standstill on 77.  In addition to the normal congestion, there is a 3-car pileup.  Thank you, universe!  I crank up Taylor Swift and jam it out. 

5:30 PM          
Make it to the Dowd Y with just enough time to park, change and get to class.  Monday is ‘cardio strength’ class, and luckily Erin arrived early to set up my spot.  Thanks, pal!
Start the class feeling like She-Ra, then spend the next hour worrying that I will either throw up my lunch, or ‘D.J. Tanner’ in front of everyone.  (I’m sad for you if you don’t know that episode.)  I fear this EVERY Monday I take this class.  Right now you’re thinking ‘It’s not CrossFit, Kim.  Get it together’.  Whatever…  We proceed to do so. Much. Jumping.

6:30 PM          
Survive class.  We high five that no one D.J. Tanner’d.  Courtney tells us that she might have broken out into the meat sweats during class and this makes me laugh REALLY hard for the first time today.  HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!

7:00 PM
As I step out of the shower, the middle toe on my right foot begins to spasm and contort into what I can only describe as the Star Trek Vulcan salute…but with my toes.  They stay stuck like this for 20 minutes.  I make a mental note to get better sneakers.

7:15 PM          
It’s become clear at this point that I can no longer adult today.  Great timing for me to meet up with Rachel who’s a pro at acting out.  We grab a quick dinner and roll up to the theatre to watch Straight Outta Compton.  YES, please.

9:45 PM     
Mind.  Blown.  Movie was so good.  I leave feeling resentful of the police and also wanting to hear Eazy-E’s voice.

Bedtime.  Attempt to shut my brain off.  Thankful I get to wake up and have another go at it tomorrow.

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