Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fall Football Fashion


It’s ALMOST football season. This is my personal Christmas.
Tailgating. Fall. Friends. Football. 


That’s right. If you’re in the South, you know that Football games are also a place to show your school spirit with amazing outfits. 

If your outfit of choice is a t-shirt and jeans, you go! I’m not going to knock it… but once your team starts losing, consider one of these outfits below to change up your luck (superstitious? No… never!)

{Note: All of these outfits will be centered around the North Carolina Tar Heels palette. Are there other schools? Kidding. Kind of}

Here are a few picks for my "It's still going to be hot as all get out for the first half of the season" looks: 

Cute two-piece maxi
Look sassy on the sidelines

Scalloped Skirt
Yes, please. 

When in doubt... Lilly
Aka my life motto. 

Light-weight Maxi
For those games that are still 100 degrees. 

Fancy Dress

Sweet Top
Because who doesn't love ruffles. 

Lace Top
Pair with white jeans... You have until LABOR DAY to wear those suckers!

Precious Necklace
Bling Bling 

What's your go-to look for football season? 

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  1. Girl you fancy. I'm jealous you Tar Heels could wear anything remotely cute to football games. We tried at Florida (thank the lawd for cotton dresses) but they were generally soaked through with "glistening" in about five minutes.