Thursday, September 10, 2015

Whole30 Recap.

Although my posts have been slacking from my Whole30 journey (See Week 1 & 2)... it doesn't reflect on my progress!  

Last week, I finished 30 grueling days of NO Sugar. Beans. Grains. Alcohol. Processed food. 

Which included engagement celebrations, work events and family functions (in which i really, really needed a bev or 12), but I steered clear of the overly processed, sugar laden foods. 

And you know what?? I survived. 

Actually. I really really enjoyed it. 

Obviously there were hard parts. 

Traveling was not easy. There are very, very few things that you can find while doing a road trip. In hindsight, it would have been best to pack some food. (see point below). I learned that when you go to Wendy's and ask for a salad for No Cheese, they put cheese on it. Cool. 

Secondly, the planning of each and every meal is AWESOME. But it's also time consuming. And sometimes you just don't have time to figure out every morsel that you are going to put in your mouth that week. 

Finally. You realize 99% of your social schedule is organized around FOOD AND ALCOHOL. But guess what. You don't need alcohol to have fun. I learned to load up on soda water and lime, and you'll be just fine. AND You'll remember what happened that night (Yeah, I'm talking to you). 

And the best parts? Just to name a few: 
Clear skin.
Awesome Sleep. 
Fun new recipes. 
ZERO stomach problems. For real tho'.
You CRAVE water. And good food. 
RESULTS. I lost 5 pounds, my workouts felt better and all around feel amazing.

Althoguh I stuffed my face with chips and gauc (and tequila. holla) from Cantina this past weekend once it ended, Whole30 has really made an influence on how I want to live my day-to-day life.

I’m going to work really hard to continue to eliminate a lot of those foods from my diet because it makes me feel SO GOOD. 

(And shout out to Harley, who lost 15 pounds and is no longer downing soda or Monster drinks). 

So, CHEERS to good health and feeling great. 

Have you tried Whole30? What did you think? 

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