Monday, October 19, 2015

{best} Case of the Mondays: Ashley Wells

We all know Mondays suck. 
Each week, I will feature a Monday in the life of someone who can provide some comfort/humor/inspiration to the start of your week. 

Meet Ashley Wells! 

Ashley is a Senior Graphic Designer at a large design & print company in Central Florida. 

For the longest time I always assumed people know what graphic designers do, but over the years I’ve found that’s not always true! I went to school for design, so I learned how, why, and when to do particular things that pertain to design. I know why you should use this color instead of that one, which font will suit your job, and how to prep it for print, among a million other skills design school teaches you. My areas of expertise are color theory, typography, editorial and environmental design, and photo editing/manipulation.
5:45 am
My first alarm goes off, but I hit snooze twice before I finally get up at 6. I shuffle to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

6:15 am
I feed my pets and give my cat his morning medicine before taking my dog outside. (My cat has asthma and hyperesthesia, so he gets a puff of his inhaler and some liquid anti-seizure medication mixed into his food.)

6:30 am
I was lazy last night and didn’t wash my hair, so I spritz in some dry shampoo and put it up into a ponytail for the day. I also put on my makeup, a task I really enjoy doing since I love makeup and have drawers full of it. My boyfriend and I text back and forth while I’m doing this, too. He’s gone on an away rotation for med school and we try to say hello before our days begin. 
7:00 am
I pack up my lunch (a salad, greek yogurt, and a mozzarella cheese stick), get dressed, and head out the door.
7:20 am
I have a 30 minute commute to work, most of which consists of me sitting in heavy traffic on the interstate. My exit is backed up for two miles today, so there’s lots of sitting and waiting.

7:55 am
Most mornings I stop at a 7-Eleven by my work for coffee, since I rarely have time to wait in the long lines at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. This morning I get a cafe con leche and a banana.

8:05 am
I pull into my parking space at work and get myself clocked in for the day. I spend an hour or so reading emails and checking on the status of my job tickets. 
9:00 am
We bill most design clients by the hour, so we clock in and out of each job through an online time clock. I clock into my first job of the day: revisions on a 32-page conference agenda for an insurance association. I make some minor text edits before sending the final proof back for one last review. The job is finally going to print today, too. 
10:00 am
I send final artwork and dieline files to an outside printer that is taking care of a job I did for a bank.

10:30 am
Time to start on a new job. One of my recurring clients is a local Catholic church that has me update and theme their monthly petition slips.

12:00 pm
Lunch time! I’m not very hungry and I’ve got plans to meet friends for dinner, so I only eat half of the lunch I brought.

12:30 pm
Back to work. I have to visit another computer in the building because a client sent us a Quark file to pull information from. We haven’t used Quark (a desktop publishing and design software) in a long time and only one computer in the building has it - I guess for instances like this.

1:00 pm
I revisit the Catholic church petition and finish it up. As I’m exporting a proof, the insurance association gets back to me and gives their latest proof the thumbs up. Off to print it goes! I print a hard proof and fill out some paperwork before handing it over.

2:00 pm
I read through some emails and notice a client has emailed me to say they loved the work I did on my company’s recent Halloween self promotion. It’s always nice to get compliments from clients, especially when it’s not even on their own projects!

2:30 pm
My desk is piled in proofs and random pages of notes, so I clean it up and do some filing. I like to keep samples of all my print projects so I can put them in my portfolio. I’ve got that on the forefront of my mind because I’ll be looking for a new job in the spring. In March my boyfriend will get matched into a residency program and I’ll be moving with him. We’ll have no idea where we’re going until match day! Residency begins in July, so we’re moving in June, which means I’ll have 4 months to find a new job in our new city. I’ve put off updating my portfolio before and won’t be making that mistake again!

3:00 pm
I revisit a community map job for a home builder and add in schools, restaurants, stores, parks, etc. to help entice buyers. I use Google Maps to find their locations and place them on the map I made. 
4:50 pm
Time to go home! It takes a bit longer than usual because of more heavy traffic. It’s not been a good day for commuting. 
5:40 pm
I feed my pets and take my dog out for a walk.
6:30 pm
I meet my friends at a Chuy’s, a tex-mex restaurant for dinner and drinks. We sit there for hours, chatting and catching up. They’re my best friends and we normally have dinner together once a week.
9:00 pm
I’m back home and force myself into the shower before giving my pets their nightly medicines and walking my dog one last time.

10:15 pm
I collapse into bed while texting my boyfriend. It was one of those days where we didn’t get to talk much. We usually FaceTime every night, but we’re both exhausted so we skip it tonight. I turn on my white noise machine (I like rain sounds) and fall asleep within minutes. 

Want to learn more about what Ashley has going on? 
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