Monday, October 5, 2015

{best} Case of the Mondays: Brandon Finch

We all know Mondays suck. 
Each week, I will feature a Monday in the life of someone who can provide some comfort/humor/inspiration to the start of your week. 

Meet Brandon Finch! 

Brandon is a Healthcare Consultant. "I go into hospitals for a living and help them find ways to save money, be more efficient, and improve the patient’s experience."

Wake up! Unfortunately, exclamation points like this can be easily confused with excitement. Waking up before the sun rises is neither enjoyable nor exciting for me. There are two kinds of people in this world - one who sets a single alarm in the morning and one who sets more than half a dozen alarms (all of which get snoozed through until the last possible second where you've now reached a threshold of potentially being late). I fall into the second category.

Actually make it out of bed, in time for a quick shower/shave. 

Pack for the work week. Waiting until the last possible minute to do something as important as pack your suitcase for the week would stress most people out. Not me. I thrive in this type of situation - you know, the one that determines how you will look in front of people for the week. It helps I do laundry on Sundays and have packing down to a precise science. 

Now packed, dressed, and ready to be picked up by a complete stranger (via Uber). It's still dark outside at this point, so I'm still dealing with a strong inner-conflict to give up and head back to bed. Alas, I push on, amazed how I've never mismatched my socks, forgotten my belt, or left my computer. 

Arrive at the airport, which may be the most "Monday" thing about my Mondays. I've always been intrigued by the number of schedules different people are on at the airport. The heightened level of stress people seem to have, adds significant discomfort to my travel experience. Perhaps Erin will allow me to guest blog some time on the different kinds of people you see at airports. (Editor's Note: I'm sure we would offend several groups of people with a post like that... let's do it). 
I don't condone stereotyping but must admit when it comes to getting through the security line at an airport in the quickest way possible, I will judge you harder than a magistrate wearing a powdered wig in the late eighteenth century. Pro-tip #1: avoid getting behind someone with kids (the worst), old people (sorry grams), people wearing excessive amounts of jewelry (you’re not a rapper), or folks that clearly haven't flown in the past decade because they still haven't figured out that you can't bring full-sized bottles of your favorite shampoo. 
Arrive at my gate. Occasionally I'll grab a snack, but rarely eat breakfast on Mondays. I also don't drink coffee so the fact I'm somehow functioning is just short of a miracle.

Up, up and away! Depending on where I travel to (last week was Atlanta), my flight can take anywhere from one to four hours. By the time you’ve arrived to work and gotten settled in, I’m likely in another state. Pro-tip #2: Always take the window seat. Less germs than an aisle seat (I think there are studies to prove this), you don’t have to get up from someone needing to use the bathroom (come on people, it’s only an hour flight), and if you’re like me, napping is so much easier in the window seat. Bonus, sometimes you get great views like these:
Arrive and make my way to the rental car center (ready to pick up my third mode of transportation for the day). Despite my status with most of the rental car companies, I always seem to find myself in a jelly bean-sized vehicle with a paint job louder than forty thousand pre-pubescent fans at a One Direction concert (they’re still relevant, right?). Most of my clients happen to be in the middle of nowhere, so the ride typically takes at least an hour. Luckily I’ve got coworkers and 90’s on 9 (satellite radio station) to keep me company.

Finally make it to work. About time right? I quickly get settled into the team room, which almost never has windows. Luckily I don’t have to worry about vitamin D deficiency, as meetings get me out of the cave and into the action, where I’ll meet with various client stakeholders of the project.
Quick lunch in the hospital cafeteria. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is near impossible on the road as I eat all of my meals out. Sure there are healthy options, but my record for number of consecutive hospital salads consumed stands at two. Eating the same boring salad over and over again is difficult, not to mention I have terrible self-control when it comes to avoiding sweets.

More meetings (internal and client-based) throughout the afternoon. Much of my work involves understanding the client’s problems through shadowing staff processes, interviewing management, and completing analytics on the hospital’s financial data. From there, I help determine solutions to help the hospital save money, operate more efficiently, and improve the patient’s satisfaction.

Head to my home away from home (the hotel) and check-in (my go-to is Marriott; no, unfortunately I’m not getting paid for this endorsement) and then occasionally go to the hotel gym, which typically consists of a single treadmill, elliptical machine and no more than eight free weights.
Dinner with colleagues. These are my people. I spend more time with them than my friends and family. They help make the travel woes, long nights, and interesting client environments, a bit more worthwhile.

More work (data analytics, preparing for tomorrow’s meetings, etc.) and also time spent on personal ventures – something everyone should have in their life. As of late, my personal focus has been on two different hobbies: 1) Fifth&Franklin Letterpress Designs and 2) @exploreCLT on Instagram.

Get ready for bed and fall asleep before midnight; that’s the goal at least, as my 6:00am wake-up call will be here before I know it.

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