Monday, December 28, 2015

DIY Cocktail Competition - Part 1

You give my family a competition, and things. get. real.
No room for hurt feelings. No room for laziness. We pull out all the stops. 

Thus. This Christmas season, we created a cocktail competition. Two cocktails per day. Judged on Presentation, Originality and Taste. BRING IT ON. 

This is the perfect competition for a rainy day, a long weekend full of in-laws when you need to be buzzed, or a New Years eve party. 

Everyone could set their own time of delivery -- some chose the morning, some chose a time that everyone had already enjoyed a few beverages. 

So, the official rules: 
1. Everyone must participate and they will like it. 
2. Sign up for a time (If you are doing a party, have people sign up for times!) 
4. You must supply the crazy ingredients (Tip: If you're hosting the party, have the normal stuff on hand -- liquor, regular mixers)

Below is the OFFICIAL SCORECARD that you can save and print off for your own Cocktail Competition! 
And thus, the competition begins! Below are a few of the cocktails we tasted over the week. Part 2 will have the WINNERS that you can take to your own competition! 

Christmas Kiss
Big shot of Pomegranate vodka
1 oz. Orange Liqueur 
Splash of Orange Cream soda
Splash of Pom juice
Topped with Seltzer
Handful of Pomegranate seeds

Kentucky Blue Christmas
1 oz. Blue Curacao
2 oz. Tito's Vodka
Topped with Ginger Beer

Southern Bell
Big ol' shot of Titos Vodka
1 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
One Fresh squeezed grapefruit

Shot of Pinnacle Orange
Shot of Pinnacle Rasberry
Splash of Cranberry Juice
Splash of Orange Juice
Topped with Red Bull

Tailgate TKO
2 Shots of Tito's Vodka
1 Shot of Triple Sec
Splash of Cranberry
Topped with Sierra Mist Zero
Squeezed Lime

Have you ever hosted a Cocktail Competition? Any tips or tricks?


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