Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for Mom

Because Procrastination is your middle name. And you need something FAST. And AFFORDABLE for Mom for Christmas. 

WELL, you are in luck! ALL of these gifts are under $50, perfect for mom and available on Amazon Prime to get that free 2-day shipping. Because you waited till the last minute.  

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for Mom: 

CHIC Gloves. Lined. Leather. Lots of colors. It may be 70 degrees and beautiful now in the South (why live anywhere else?!) but Old Man Winter is coming and mom wants to look good. 

Blanket scarf. When in doubt, blanket scarf. 

Electric Wine Opener. Because you are the reason your mother drinks. 

Essential Oil Diffuser.  These are all the rage right now, and frankly, mom deserves to be in on the rage. 

Vertical Garden Kit.  A great, thoughtful gift that is easy to take care of! 

A MASSAGE. Because Let's be honest. You still, to this day, stress your mom out. 

What other last minute / affordable gifts do you suggest for MOM? Did you wait till the last minute? 

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