Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for All the Ladies


We continue with a series I like to call "We should all thank Amazon Prime because otherwise our procrastination and lackadaisical Christmas Shopping methods would have us screwed." 

Today, we are discussing YO' LADIESSSS. Or girl tribe. #SquadGoals. The people that tell you that you aren't crazy/you are crazy when you need it. 

ALL of these gifts are under $50, perfect for your besties / girlfrands and available on Amazon Prime to get that free 2-day shipping. Because you waited till the last minute.  

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for The Ladies: 

Teakwood Swell bottle. Swoon. Go ahead and get one for yourself. 

Moscow Mule Mugs.  Ginger beer. Check. Lime. Check. VODKA. Check. While giving these to your friend, you are really giving a gift to yourself every time you go over to her house. #winwin. 

Beautiful wood cutting board. Time to throw out the ikea board that has melted in your dishwasher and upgrade to this beauty. 

Wine glass that fits entire bottle of wine. There's no shame in your game. It saves time and dishes. You are a good friend.  

Pepperspray: Because nothing says Christmas like pepper spray.

Soma Water Carafe. Beautiful, practical and health-concious. Just like your friend!

Volcano Candle. You know the one. Smells like Anthropologie. Without having to go to the mall. SCORE. 

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