Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for Men


For some it inspires joy! happiness! days off of work! 

For you procrastinators others... PANIC. DREAD. ROAD RAGE AT THE MALL. 

We continue with a series I like to call "We should all thank Amazon Prime because otherwise our procrastination and lackadaisical Christmas Shopping methods would have us screwed." 

Today, we are discussing the men in your life. Brothers. Boyfriends. Your boss. The hot UPS man. Whoever. 

ALL of these gifts are under $50, perfect for your MEN and available on Amazon Prime to get that free 2-day shipping. Because you waited till the last minute.  

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE: 

Hot Dog Toaster. Listen. We know a lot of men are lazy creative when it comes to dinner. Give this quick, easy and whimsical gift to that brother of yours who reheats ramen every other night. At least he can have toasty buns now! 

Corkscile Beer Cooler. You've been caught in a bind with a warm beer. Give the gift of JOY. A quick way to cool down a warm beer. REJOICE. 

Sunscreen Flasks. Because they are always looking for a way to get arrested. Or sneak in some Fireball. 

The Kramer.  When in doubt, go with something Seinfeld (or this COMPLETE SET). Happy Festivus. 

Chalk Globe.  This is such a great gift for someone who loves to travel or is stuck in a cubicle and needs a way to believe there is something better in this world than corporate misery to daydream. 

I just couldn't leave this one off. 

It's not under $50, but it. is. awesome. 

The Cash Cannon. For the person in your life who likes to make. it. rain. 

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