Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last Minute Gifts for Dad

Are you in panic-mode yet? Christmas is in 8 days. EIGHT DAYS. 

If you are like me, procrastination is your middle name. And you need something FAST. And AFFORDABLE for yo' dad for Christmas. 

WELL, you are in luck! ALL of these gifts are under $50, perfect for pops and available on Amazon Prime to get that free 2-day shipping. Because you waited till the last minute.  

Last Minute {and cheap} Christmas Gifts for DAD: 

KINDLE. Ok, this one is $59.99, but you waited till the last minute. You can afford to spend that extra $9.99. 

Bourbon Ice Ball Mold.  You are the reason your dad drinks. Might as well provide him a nice slow melting ice ball for his bourbon. (See: Mom

YETI Koozie. And then get that man a YETI Koozie. Because no one likes warm beer or cold hands. 

All-In-One Docking Station. Your dad is probably hip and has a million electronics. Help him clean up the clutter of a million cords and get him this docking station. Your mom will thank you. 

Meat. When all else fails, buy him beef and cheese. x 

What other last minute / affordable gifts do you suggest for DAD? Did you wait till the last minute? 

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