Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sorry NOT Sorry... But Really.

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I'd like you to pause reading this, and go and do a quick search in your inbox.

I want you to search your “MAIL / SPAM / TRASH / SENT” folders.

Then type in the search bar: SORRY.

Click Search.

I’m going to take a guess that is going to take a few seconds to load all of the emails with the word “sorry.”

Ignore those few pieces of junk mail scattered into your list of mail – and I’m going to guess, that like me, the results were shocking… and almost embarrassing.

In my personal search, I found 99 out of the 100 emails that fit on my screen that contained the word “Sorry” were from WOMEN.

I found that most of these emails, had the phrases “Sorry for the delay”, or “I’m sorry to miss your message” or “Sorry – I was out of the office.”

Let that sink in.

Why are you sorry that you took your well-earned vacation time? Why are you sorry that you were in a scheduled meeting and missed a phone call? Why are we SORRY for things that we really shouldn’t be apologizing for?

And WHY are women the ones that feel the need to say sorry?

I feel that this video really hits home.

So, Shonda Rhymes – famed TV creator – had the Year of Yes - where she was intentional about saying YES to things. 

I challenge you to make this the Year (or Month or Week!) of NOT BEING SORRY. 

Be apologetic if you step on someone’s foot. Say excuse me if you run into someone on the train. But STOP SAYING SORRY for things that are part of life. 

What were your findings? Do you catch yourself saying SORRY throughout the day?

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