Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What Happens When You Get Your Golden Ticket

I feel like I'm in Willy Wonka. 


What's that, you say???

I'm about the reveal to you one of my best-kept secrets...The Maker's Mark Ambassador Program. 

For all of my fellow bourbon lovers, this program is THE. JAM. 
✅You get your name on a barrel (YES). 
✅You get a CHRISTMAS PRESENT ever year (YES)
✅You get a chance to BUY bottles from your barrel when it's time (YES). 
✅The best part?? IT'S FREE TO SIGN UP (HECK YES!) 

After about 7 years, my barrel was finally ready to be consumed. 

As part of my month-long 30th birthday celebrations, I invited my family to come along for this momentous occasion as we took the long  trip to Loretto, Kentucky. 

You arrive to this beautiful, country-side location with your golden ticket in tow, and the booze-friendly Makers Mark folks roll out the red carpet for you. 

Upon arrival you receive: 

1. One free ticket to the behind-the-scenes tour. This includes dipping your hand (sanitary, I know) into the vat of mash... part of the distilling process. (Editor's note: tastes like grits).

2. Part of your tour also includes TASTING. You will taste the "WHITE DOG" or as we call it in the South, White Lightning. AKA Moonshine, Maker's, Maker's 46, Makers Cask Strenght and the Private Select. Mmmm Good. 

3. You get to purchase bottles from your barrel. WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.
4. You get to DIP SAID BOTTLES in the famed Maker's Mark red wax. Don't worry. They give you protective gear (don't drop your phone in the wax).


In short. Sign up. Duh. And I'll be happy to make the trek with you to pick up your bottles in 7 years! 

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