Life is short. 

And you are busy. You do everything in your power to balance life. Work. Family. Some semblance of a workout plan. Keeping groceries (or lack there of) in your house. Making time for your friends. Happy hours. Networking. 

So, whilst I give you anxiety by the long to-do list above, I want you to stop and think… What’s holding you back from living your life on your terms? 

I hope this blog will help shake up things.
Give you some inspiration
Make you ask questions 
Provide you some recipes for some really awesome food / boozy drinks
Connect you with some really great people that could help you
Hand you advice for your own brand

By the way… who am I? 
My name is Erin. I live and love Charlotte, NC, where I work in marketing and public relations. I want to walk through life not asking why… but asking why (the heck) not?